Communication came from the Latin word "communicare" which means "to share", or actions that convey meanings using words, signs and semiotic rules from one person or group to another. Communication process involves series of events wherein it starts with the sender who encodes a message, selection of the right channel of conveying the message, receiving the message by the receiver, and finally decoding the message. Feedback is the reaction or reply message to the original sender. 

The two types of communication are verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication refers to spoken message or "human language", utilizing words and grammars, with patterns of sounds or symbol gestures. Non-verbal communication pertains to nom-word messages such as eye contact, facial expressions, chronemic communication, haptic communication and gestures. Voluntary non-verbal modes of communication include winking, handshake and other intentional movements, as well as involuntary such as sweating. Textual content have non-verbal elements such as spatial arrangement of words, handwriting style, usage of punctuation in conveying emotions, same as with the use of emoticons. Know some random questions to ask a girlfriend here! 

Emoticons are pictorial representations of facial expressions using punctuation marks, letters and numbers. It originated in Japan, and now being widely used to express emotion among social media sites. It played a significant role in today's communication's technology, with the use of gadgets and devices such as smart phones, tablets, desktop, and laptops. Emoticons have evolved with multimedia variations including application of sounds and animations. It is used in viral marketing to impress consumers, especially the young and modern generation. Communication has gained innovation through the use of internet, words have been created and included in the vocabulary, that are commonly used, mostly popularized by social media such as "netizens", referring to internet social media users. Frequency in the usage and appearance of words are the key factors in the concept of search engine optimization. Web developers are designing creative themes and content in order to attract their clients, to build customer loyalty, increase sales and promote products and services. 


Communication can be conveyed using words and actions through emails, videos, recording, text messaging, and other channels. Communication is the foundation of all processed involving business, entertainment, science, engineering and education. It is evident and exercised by all humans. It is the means for us to understand and express our feelings and emotions. It is the core of our character, attitude and perception. Indeed, communication has changed the lives of many people, creating history and building nations. Get some good would you rather questions here!