Boys are often bothered by one thing, especially when it comes to starting a conversation with a girl they find attractive. That one thing is finding good questions to ask a girl. For many the struggle to find the right questions that will get the girl to open up is real. Often times most boys are afraid that at this point, girls could easily turn them down if the question is not the "right one." So, what kinds of question can a person as ask a girl to break the ice between them? This article has listed very common and very good ones. 

This pick up line may sound kind of cheesy but the fact that it complements the opposite it can get their attention. This will lead the girl to think of other qualities that can impress you. And the question is, "What else do you have besides your attractive looks? 

The next question at applies to a girl who has been obviously giving you the "eye," otherwise you might come out cocky if you simply blurt this one out. The question is, "Please stop undressing with your killer stare...." Be careful with this one, though, and read her body language first. But if you think she's been looking at you, you can say this with a smile and sound really flirty. 

The next one is kind of a joke and many girls have heard of stories like this from friends or even from personal experience. So this question can definitely get their attention. The question is, "Does drunk 'I love you' really count? Again be careful with this one. While it is a fun question and obviously a conversation starter, she might think you are a player. It is still a catchy line worth giving a shot, though. 

Keep in mind, girls love it when men ask questions about them. This makes them feel like men paying attention to them. Most especially if the question leads them to open up about the good qualities that allows them to put the best foot forward. 


Lastly, it is worth noting that regardless of what question you might ask her you should never forget to smile. A good smile eases up any tension and prepares both parties for any conversation. Moreover, confidence shows through a great smile. So practice and think if the question is appropriate and ask away with a confident smile. Get the best would you rather questions to ask people here!